Middle and High School Education
  Vishwadeep will help economically weak but talented students to pursue their school education starting from Eighth standard. We will monitor the student on regular basis based upon various feedbacks primarily through marks obtained during the sponsorship period.
  The concept is mainly to improve student's concentration on his/her studies and to eliminate any financial trauma they undergo.

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Get Involved

There are several ways in which you can help Vishwadeep

  • Make a One Time donation
  • Make a Recurring donation
  • Tell your friends, relatives and acquaintances about the work of Vishwadeep
  • Spread awareness on importance of Childs education

You can also be a part of this organization and do the activities to achieve the goal of the organization.

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Declaration for one time donation

  "Some kind of declaration is must" I have made the above donation to Vishwadeep project on my own free will and have not been under any influence or pressure to do so. I am completely aware and understand my actions...

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Blood Donors

  When the request for blood arises, the list of people available with us will be listed. It also shows when he has donated the blood, so that people can see when he is available and shall send to...

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